PA is worse then you think

Does any one here live in PA? Nothing fun or exiting ever happens. There are only one or two unicycling clubs in the state(I’m not sure) but they are hours away and no one will drive for hours for a 10 year old who unicycles.The most fun I have is showing off to my friends, but I not that good. Do you know of any clubs in PA? Where are they? I’m the only major unicyclist in miles. My older brother unicycles but isn’t that good.(We joust sometimes) How do you get people to unicycle or start a club? I can’t do much but show-off and be crazy on my unicycle. I need help.


Methinks this will help you:

The middle of PA does suck there is absolutly nothing there, except for maybe the king of prussia mall. I do like Williamsport too but nothing seems to happen there.

Its all about Pittsburgh Baby, there are a few riders here. I know of a few out toward Philly too and then if your close enough to NYC there are some people there.

Its not all bad…


Re: PA is worse then you think

hey skunkman, im 11 and i have the same problem… im in a small club and still having an ok time… you and your brother should start little club, it will grow after time… just keep on showing off and more people will start, tell yer buds to get one for christmas

    peace out


I live in a small town where nothing good happens. It’s famous for a flood and the miners. The only real clubs are high school clubs and a table tennis club(started by my dad). I think there is a juggling club in Pittsburg. I want to know if any of you live in PA?

yeah that juggling club in pittsburgh is the Pitt. Campus Fools, well among a few others, theres also the CMU jugglers.

It just so happens I’m the presedent of the Campus Fools we have a few Unicyclist that meet every week. If you can manage the trip up from Sommerset let me know and we can ride. In the spring we will also be hosting a circus festival that features among other things unicycling.

Your lucky enough to have some great trails arround there get out and ride with some Mtn bikers if you can.



I live in Pa, in my area i’m the only one that I know that rides. It’s been fun learning, although I suppose it would be cool to know other people that ride also. I’m in Lancaster County, theres a club over in Leola that meets every Thursday, but i’m always busy then so i’ve never been there. I think theres a lot of schools in the area that have unicycling in their gym class, which is cool.

I like the idea of getting other people intrested, I have a friend that tried mine, but it’s too tall for him, so I got a shorter seat post recently, if they want to invest the time most anyone can learn, so find devoted people and get some more unicyclists in the area : )

I live in Pennsylvania. I’m in North-central PA, Potter County. I’m in the middle of nowhere. The closest Wal-Mart is 45 minutes away. I’m 3 hours from Buffalo, 2 hours from Elmira, 4 hours from Pittsburgh, 2 1/2 hours from Erie, 4 hours from Lancaster, 5 hours from Philadelphia, 2 hours from Williamsport. In Coudersport, where I live, we have a bowling alley and a one-screen movie theater. That’s about it.

There aren’t any nearby unicycle clubs. I would like to start one at school but the principal said he had to find out if the insurance would cover it and everything but I don’t think he cares much about it. I taught my friend to ride a little bit. She just got a unicycle for her birthday so hopefully we can ride together when the weather gets nice again.

Skunkman, where in PA do you live?


I live in Chester County, which is about 40 NW of Philly. Im over in Jersey right now for college

I taught myself to ride and i tried to teach some of my friends but they had no interest. Ive been riding by myself now for a while, but i have little freetime now with all the work i have here.

i live in philly. its not bad. i probably feel this way because i have 2 friends who learned to unicycle with me and are at approximately my level. where do you guys all live, relative to philly, pittsburg etc. it would be great if any of us could meet up and ride some time, even better if one of yas lived in philly.

i meant to say i live 40 minutes NW of philly

TheObie, where in Philly do you live? I can take the Septa R5 into center city.

i live in southwest philly. however i never(ever) go to my house and am always in west philly. thats where my friend joe(onewheelwizzard) lives. also, nick(shadowuni) lives in west philly when not attending college. so the short answer is youd find us all in west philly. however we would be more than happy to meet you wherever convenient. the R5 comes from NW so it might come by one of the stops near us. if not we could meet in center city. where in chester county do you live; i have family up there. anyway email me if you ever want to come down. itd be great fun. my email is

sorry im posting again. you claim to be a poor unicyclist. nevermind we dont want you. nah im just kidding. if you came down wed be happy to help you get better. weve been riding about 14 months and are…not…poor i suppose.

I live in Johnstown, PA

Hmmm the first unicyclist is Mike Adamczyk. I doesn’t know that i got family in the USA that are also unicyclist:D Always nice to see that there are more people on this world with the same last name and hobby:p

Ferko Adamczyk

I’m from Washington, PA (south of Puttsburgh). Isn’t there a uni club at Penn State? It would be great to have a uni ride on a Saturday around State College. It would be accessible for all of us and would not require an overnight stay.

Anyone know of trails in the State College area?

Checkernuts - I assume you will be psoting here when the Campus Fools put on the next event. I juggle also. Are the campus fools meeting on a weekly basis?


I live in PA also, glenolden in delaware county i only know of two guys who ride around in my area but that was a while ago and i only saw them twice. i have been looking for other people to ride with in the area maybe since there are a few of us in some what the same area we can have a uni meet or something. Checkernuts i ofter visit Williamsport where my grandfather lives its fun but it can get quite boring.

yeah we meet every week see for info on the campus fools.

we will be taking a short winter break from the end of next week unitll Jan 6th off.

But at least we have SNOW now here in PA…

Yea Snow.


If only there was a uni club at UPJ.

Thanks for the info checkernuts. Maybe I’ll come up and join you for an evening in Feb or March.