OWWWW... no riding for a while

i was just outside trying to do some hops up stuff and all ive got to make stuff with is 3 small planks of wood :stuck_out_tongue: so i put on plank across the other 2 to make a sort of elavated middle bit to ride off, hopped up then lost my footing and fell, landing on my wrist at a weird angle and hurting the heel of my foot :roll_eyes:
ive got inflammation in my heel so now its painful to ride, it should be better soon-ish but no unicycling for me over the next week at least :frowning:

its swollen?

how much does it hurt?

a bit swollen, hurts enough that i dont want to ride on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I messed up my ankle 5 years ago this June playing hurling. I had an opperation on it 2 years ago and since then its been worse. I am still getting different scans done 5 years down the line to determine the problem.

Basically i was told to give up all sport. Mush to the dislike of some doctors i still continue to ride. I can do about 10 mins trial practice before im forced to go inside and sit down. It can then take anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days before my next attempt. It Sucks.

I did give up ridding for about 6 months and it didn’t help so thats why i still decide to ride. Distance riding isnt as big a problem as long as i dont make a very sudden turn which can realy hurt and take sometimes 2 weeks to properly heal. Hills also suck and as i live inbetween two really steep hillls the first 5 mins of my ride are hellish.

I’m not having a go at you or anything im just bascialy saying i now how it feels and its not fun.

Reading this back it does sound a worse than it actualy is and im not looking sympathy. Im just board and felt like replying. Heres hoping your back ridding soon.

well, In my area of EMS (emergency medical services), i’d say get x rays. Cant hurt to.

but, thats your call really,

can you post picture?

You stole that of my IT teachers door:D

maybe tommorow ive got to go feed the hamster and stuff then ive got school in the morning :frowning:

and… no i didnt :wink:

Im out for like another month because of my foot injury, im being driven insane and it’s holidays, no school, I could be practicing…BUT I CAN"T :angry: