Owen's day of metro-bombing.

Ok, so my movie will be done this week.

Just came back from the crazyest day of riding ever. Been on the wheel since one o’clock and we bombed the metros for a couple of hours until we got tottally pwned by security people.

I mean tottally pwned. They came up and told us we weren’t allowed to be in the metro with unicycles and even less doing what it was I was doing (something pretty dangerous).

So as usual… I give in… I mean, I KNEW it was illegal… thus making it metro bombing… but as it happens, they also told us that we weren’t allowd to be on the metros themselves. Which shocked me cause this the the only way I get to my riding spots.

Turns out I can’t bring my unicycle on trains, or buses legally… but If I were to put it in a guitar case it would be alright… it’s retarded.

Anyways, they booted us out of the metro station we were in and we found ourselves in the middle of butt-fudge nowhere with no idea on how to get home… let alone the skate-park.

Finally we decide: “Screw this, lets walk to the next station”… so we did… only to find that there were 4 security gards waiting for US. (I’ve never felt prouder)

I mean, this is a big thing… the metro of Montreal is the CORE public transportation system… and to have 4 security gards at the entrances to the metro incase we came in is pretty touching.

Anyways, we’re thinking… “Crap, what do we do now??”… So we dissassembled the whole unicycles until they were just a bunch of spair parts and walked in with a big grin.

They couldn’t do a thing… one of them said: “Well, I guess it’s not a bike anymore”


Ok, so then we went to the skate-park and I finished filming for my movie

All this without having eaten anything… I am… dead tired.

Hi. I’m Owen.

hahaha, that is sooo sweet. it was poopy of the cops to say you couldn’t even take the thing on the metro though. at least you figured a way to beat 'em.

haha… yea I get booted out of buses… except I usually dont give in… it usually ends up by me calling the driver a f******** fa* and tell him to go kill him self… or they tell me to put my uni on the bike rack… to that I usually answer put your mom on the bike rack… yea Im a bum…but yea 4 security guards… now thats funny shit men

i hate it when people wont let me on busses, it has only happened once (although a couple times i had to talk the driver into letting me on). I think its really really stupid that they wont let you on though because what are you supposed to do with it otherwise? and if the let skateboards or things of that sort on then they should let unis on.

Heh, yeah, I"ve only had a problem with my unicycle and buses once. That was last night actually :stuck_out_tongue: I almost tyold himt o go shove it, but he let us on anyway, so I’m going to ring them up on tuesday and tell them I felt he was very abusive towards me :stuck_out_tongue: and that he wasn’t gonna let me take my “toy” on with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Having 4 security guards waiting for you, well that’s just great! Well done! Haha, I mean, you shouldn’t be so disruptive :stuck_out_tongue: nah, I don’t mean that. Well done :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Owen, nice to meet you :wink:

yea I dont gte why they dont want uni’s on buses… not like it’s gonna kill someone.

Nice. You should try bubble wrapping it next time.


Hopefully after a few days they’ll cool off… if it’s your main way to get around imagine having to dissasemble every time… :frowning:

Just for clairity: Metro = Subway (underground train)

Yea that was a funny story and what I find strange is that in the rules book of the metro, it is clearly write: unicycle, bicycle or tricycle are not allowed in the metro… aahah

Tough one…

That’s tough. I know bicycles and the like are allowed on trains round here, even the underground ones.


That’s pretty silly to allow the unicycle on when it’s taken apart, but not when its put together. What do they think your going to do, ride it on the train?

It must have been lucky that you had all the tools to take them apart…I wonder if you could get away with a quick-release seat clamp, and just take the seat off when you get on…

Out here in upper upper ohio where i live we don’t have metro’s and subways…we have bicycles and cars everyone uses. One day when we go to cleveland I’ll take my uni with me and try all this. (see how much trouble i will cause)

Because they are too small-minded to allow the existence of anything outside their normal daily routine. Allowing the unicycle on board would mean that have to consider the problem for a second or two to make sure there’s no obvious reason why not, and two seconds of cognitive thought is more than you get for a £1.50 bus fare. Some poeple seem almost frightened by the idea of something slightly unusual, and will try and stop if from happeing if they can. Also, particularly in America, there is the fear that they could somehow get sued for doing something slightly out of the ordinary, particularly as they can;t be bothered to figure out if it’s safe or not.

oooohh… that’s a good idea… ima carry a roll of bubble wrap or two around with me when i go uniing and i need to take a bus (i can get that stuff at work). Then if i can’t take it on, i say “Hang on a second…” turn around and bust out the bubblewrap, and wrap up the uni. Then i’d just step on the bus.

Hi Owen! Congratulations on summoning 4 security guards!

There is a similar situation here in England: Bikes (unicycles count as bikes apparently) cannot be taken onto trams or buses unless they are -get this- “bagged”.

Bagged! Me and my bro defeated this beurocracy by simply carrying around 2 bin liners whenever we need the tram and shove our uni’s in them when we get on! They can’t do anything about it, even though the seat and seatpost sticks out of the top of the bag!


Umm… Actually… That’s exactly what we were doing. Riding hardcore in the stations.

Hence the term: “Metro Bombing”.

Oh, okay. I didn’t realize what you meant by that…