First serious unicycling injury today - doing about 150-200rpm on a 20"er and my shoe laces got caught around the cranks:

See Bob fall smack on his knees.
See Bob bounce a few times.
See Bob roll down the road a few times.

Suffice to say my jeans no longer have any knees (and my knees have noticeably less knee about them).

Bob - now seriously considering some knee and wrist guards.

This happened to me when I was a kid and was riding my bike. My shoe lace got stuck on the tight pedals bolt (or what do you call that thing you tighten the pedals with). After a few revs the shoe lace had opened the bolt thingy and the pedal went flying. I lost my balance and fell to the side of the road. Damn it hurt. Some nasty spiky bushes right at the spot where I landed.

I’ve shredded a shoe that way. The laces just pulled right through. I was also going down a hill as fast as I could on the way to school, and my jeans got caught. That hurt.

pictures please

Please post some post crash pics please.


Re: Ow!

I will say OUCH for you Bob.
After a couple of shoe string accidents, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, EVERYTIME, tie my shoe laces in 3 or 4 double knots.
The only exposed lace on my shoes are little fat nubs from the knots.
None of my lace mishaps ended up in injuries, but it did feel like my foot was going to be broken in half. What ended up breaking were my laces. But, I can still remember the tremendous torque/pressure that was exerted on my foot.
Both incidents happened on my old cottered Schwinn. The laces really like to catch on either end of the cotter. --chirokid–

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BigWheelTex wrote:
> Please post some post crash pics please.

As ever, there’s no way I can resist mentioning the photo I took after
Mark Wiggins got his laces wrapped round the crank on his Coker:

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
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MUning crashes might be the worst
Check out this one in the new Hell on Wheel trailer:


if you want the whole awesome trailer, just go to the hell on wheel site

Fraid I can’t do the photos thing… I’ve not got a digital camera to hand… Suffice to say that my entire left knee and a chunk of my right knee are entirely scab now g.

Damn Dr Martins with big thick shoelaces that only one of snapped… On the plus side, my pedals don’t eat my DMs for breakfast… unlike my shoes that have about half the sole they did have after a days riding.


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Ow! That must’ve hurt.

I’m super paranoid about my laces getting caught on my Coker cranks. A fall from the Coker at speed with your shoe lace wrapped around the crank could cause serious injury. Because of that paranoia I always tuck my laces in before I go for a ride on the Coker.

This is how I tuck my laces in for Coker rides:


i’m not sure if anyone remembers, but a similar thing happened to me at NAUCC this summer in the 1500m race.

I was doing allright, catching up to 3rd place, then in a sudden burst of speed, i caught the 1st place guy, and with 350 m left, i was about 10 m ahead of the 2nd place unicyclist. Then i felt a tug on my right shoe, and ate it, pretty good, on that nice hard grainy rubber track. I got back up, unwrapped my shoe, tied it, hopped on, and captured 4th place. Not too bad, It certainly makes a good story!


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>This is how I tuck my laces in for Coker rides

And this is my way: <www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/shoe.htm>.

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