Overheated camera freezes? help

Hi everyone

My camera froze today. it was really hot out and i think it must of overheated when i was trying to get a shot and now its stuck. i cant turn it off and it says its recording but the light is on, not flashing, and the time in the corner has frozn at 17:25…anyone know how to fix it? the cameras really hot :frowning: i have a kodak playsport zsomething 1080p…if that helps


take the battry out

i did…the cameras working now, but i can’t get the video off the sd card. it says theres nothing there when i go to uplaod it but when i plug it into my computer it says 2.7g is taken up still :frowning: i have like 30 minutes of footage on there too including the first decent grinds :frowning:

you can try pluging the card into a card reader but the chances are that after that the data is corrupt and you will have to reformat the card which can be done on the camera which sould fix it but try to gat the data off first

I have the same camera and have experienced similar issues. I have found that the only way to unfreeze the camera other than taking the battery out is clicking the “play” button that takes you to your footage and allows you to view it. If you click this button your footage should be fine. I have had footage dissappear in the same way that you have and have never been able to recover it. You need to reformat the card to get the space back. It seems like when I plug the card into a computer that is turned off the footage disappears. I have been making sure that the computer is on when I plug the card in and haven’t had any clips disappear since.