Over Thanksgiving Break I will....

Work on my seat wraps, tryals, and hopefully get in a little bit of MUni. Use my uni as an excuse to hide from relatives :wink:

i will order a new MUni and heal up from getting wisdom teeth out today for the 2nd time

How many wisdom teeth do you have or should I say had??? :roll_eyes:

the first time they put me in the twilight zone like they do with most people and i became combative and i started to swing i punched the doctor in the nose and broke it and then the nurse. by that time they had me strapped down at my arms and torso and i picked up the chair and try ed to leave.
the second time (today) they put me on i iv and gave me propofol. i had all 4 taken out. it does not hurt so i am happy about that

So how many did you have taken out the first time???:smiley:

And as for pain meds, I have found that all that is needed at the dentist is as he approaches you in the chair grab him firmly by the testicles look him in the eye and say “we’re not going to hurt each other are we” :roll_eyes: Sorry really old joke!!

I’m not a dentist but I understand you have four wisdom teeth so if they took out four this time, What did they take out last time??? :thinking:

i had 4 teeth my 4 pre mollers. then when they went to put me under for the wisdom all hell broke loose

I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your thanks giving celebrations.:smiley: But I remember when I had mine out I thought I was having my toe nails pulled out from the inside, deep roots on wisdom teeth, and I was sucking soup for a few days after. :astonished:

I wish everybody who celebrates thanks giving a very good one!!!:D:D:D

i actually feel really good i am taking 600mg oxycodone every 4hrs no pain for me :smiley:

This Thanksgiving break I will…

  1. Get some riding in while the sun is shining (vs. at 0500)
  2. Lace and true my 20" wheel. I’ve decided its time to learn to lace and true a wheel so I can swap out wheels instead of swap out tires when I want to go from the trail to the road. (Geared hub is also a factor). So I took a perfectly good wheel and completely disassembled it and cleaned it up. The best way to learn to build a wheel is to build a good one… Fortunately most of my riding is on my 24.
  3. Be thankful that I have the health to ride. I’m at that age where my friends and associates from high school are now in the obits.

Hahaha! That’s crazy! I’m not sure I’d go to the same dentist after breaking his nose!

Among other things, I’ll be doing a few muni rides on my time off. And maybe some trail work.

i went to a different person this time. somone who can put me out not just in the twilight zone in his office