Outer seat post

Ok today I was killin time and wondered me way into a hardware store. And I’ve posted a few times about an outer seatpost on my uni just because I hate low trials seatclamps for flatland. So anyways I had my seat with me and my travel along pocket repair kit and found some tubing I could use to make a seatpost that will slide over the neck and clam at the bottom. I’m gonna take an old 4 hole bracket and mount it to the metal tubing then cut me a slit in the botom and the clamp will be down near the fork. Any suggestions on this? Is it even a very worthwhile Idea?

It might be tricky to get the seatpost to clamp down enough. Try it!


Any clamp would be really easy to break. Not something u want for freestyle. I would just get another frame and seat, and just switch the wheel set.

Ductape smells nice:)
But what do ya mean it would be hard to get the clamp down far enough? I got a real fat one taht will fit over and itle be like a normle seat clam just farther down the neck.

i meant it would be hard to tighten the seatcalmp enough to make the seatpost secure.

AND what would you do if you ned to raise the seat? You would have to move the clamp up with it.

Make it a cut to fit. Unless you are adjusting the height of your post all the time, you’ll only need it one length. If this was something to be massed produced, then that would be something to think about. I deffinately think it would work. Would you be able squeeze a 27.2 post over a25.4???

I got a post and clamp^^ that will fit over I’mm still deciding on height though.

it won’t work unless you have a super tight fit…
it will wobble

^^yea, for serial.