Outdoor Products Hydration Packs

Anyone have any experience with these? They sell them at Walmart for not too much money. I have a smaller one that I like quite a bit, and was considering getting a bigger one this summer, and putting two bladders in it. Just wondering if anyone else has used them and what their impressions were.


i got the medium yellow on and its ok. good for its price but keep your recepit because my bladder will start to leak every 6 months or so

I bought the Mist hydration pack last fall. I haven’t used it for unicycling but it seems stable enough and would have plenty of room for tools, lunch and a jacket in addition to the bladder. I was impressed with it enough to post the following review on the Walmart website:

I had been looking at hiking daypacks from the big outdoors companies when I happened on the Mist pack in store. I was impressed by the layout and features this pack offers for the price. The quality seems adequate. After filling the included 2L bladder the pack has more than enough room for lunch, a rain jacket, and other essentials. When stuffed to capacity it can also fit an insulating layer, hat, and gloves making it usable even for fall hikes above tree line.

The pack is adjustable enough to fit my long torso (though I am probably at the top of its range) and carries a load comfortably. Outside attachment points make it easy to attach trekking poles but they cannot be accessed/stowed while wearing the pack (a feature very few packs this size have). My first time out with the pack I ended up hiking for 3 hours in the rain without a pack cover. I was surprised by how little water actually got inside; unprotected items at the top of the pack were damp but everything else was dry.

Overall this is a pretty well sorted pack and if the construction holds up over prolonged use it will prove to be a real bargain.

You might as well go whole hog and get a Platypus (best but you need to buy the backpack seperate) or Camelbak (more backpacks but less durable). The Vaude Hydrapacks are also good (I think they’re just ‘hydrapacks’ with a Vaude stamp) but they’re basically just a Camelbak with a ‘zip’ top.

If you do get any hydration system though, sling it in the freezer when you’re done using it and it’ll stay fresh without needing cleaning.

Also NOI flavored drinks in them

Not necessarily. I’ve run SIS (Science In Sport) PSP22 in a camelbak before and nothing bad happened - well, it was a bugger to clean. It can be done, just don’t.

See I was wondering about running a flavoring like MIO in mine, but guess I won’t now…

As far as the packs go, been using mine all year so far, and still no leacks or anything. For 20 bucks it’s been great, and I am getting a bigger one.