Outdoor Dune Hydration Pack

I picked up an Outdoor hydration pack (the style is Dune) at a BJ’s wholesale club. It’s the same thing as Sam’s Club. Anyway, it was on sale for only $16, so I couldn’t resist. I’ve seen the same exact thing in Wal-mart for $30.

It may not be a Camelbak, but for the price it seems really nice. I haven’t actually taken it on any long rides, but I like the features. The bladder can be frozen, so I can put some water in it, freeze it, then fill it up when I’m ready to go. It has a sternum strap and waist belt so it won’t move around while I’m riding. It also has a padded back and shoulder straps to make it more comfy!

The bite valve says “Bite me”. It works well. No water drips out when it’s not being pressed down.

Holds 2 liters of water
Has 4 zippered pockets, plus the compartment for the bladder
Sternum strap and waist belt
730 cubic inches
15.5"H x 7"W x 6.5"D

I’ve made a gallery with some pictures of it: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/view_album.php?page=1

The box says it has a lifetime guarantee, and I found on the website www.outdoorproducts.com that I can just send it in if anything goes wrong with it. Some of their packs are on the website, but I couldn’t find any hydration packs.

Once I’ve had some more experience with this pack and have used it for a while, I’ll post an update on how it’s holding up.


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Re: Outdoor Dune Hydration Pack

These specs seem to be inconsistent. 730 cubic inches is almost 12 litres. Or maybe the water capacity is 2 l but the total capacity is 12 litres? Even the stated H x W x D is somewhat less than 730.

Klaas Bil

It’s talking about the total capacity, I believe. I’m not sure about the dimensions not matching up. Maybe the 730 cubic inches refers to only the storage, and the 2 liters is the water, and the HxWxD is the whole pack.


P.S. In that picture of me I was making a stupid pose. Just so you know I don’t usually stand like that. :slight_smile:

About a week and a half ago, I bit through the rubber part on the bite valve. I just called the number that came with it and they sent me 2 new bite valves! I received them 2 days ago.

It’s very convenient for long rides.
I’m going to try not to bite down too hard on the bite valve now!