Out The Way Muni

This is my first 24 inch Mountain unicycle video. It took a little longer than expected to film what we needed, but its finally finished. Please comment on the riding, filming or editing. Music : Hollywood Undead, Out The Way

Awsome! The riding was cool! The head cam shots were good. Nice setup you have for muni! I didn’t like the music though. I like the line at 0:29 and the rock lines were cool to.

thanks, yea the music was a little strong but i hope it doesnt take away from the video.

needs more cevin =)

wheres the shot were i bent my rim??!!

Yea we need to go filming more often. That shot didnt fit any where. Ill throw it in the next vid haha.

Enjoyed watching that. Different from other MUni videos around at the moment. The Helmet-cam shots were cool. Not a fan of the music though.

Cool video :wink:

I liked the helmet shots most because they give a better impression of the difficulty. For example the part at 0:29: it looks so easy in the first clip and then the helmet cam shows that it can be quite scary to ride down there and try not to miss the plank :wink:

But you should try to do more faster rolling drops especially when the drop is not more than 3 feet. Though you have to be careful because you may have to spin the cranks to a horizontal position to not hurt your ankles. It’s indeed another very useful skill.

Nice video, shame about the song. *

Looks like an interesting place to ride - I like those little “north shore” plank bits on the banks, and the moonscape stuff.


Nice video… the headshots… ups… head cam shots look really awesome.
And I do like the music… maybe it would be better suited to some faster riding video, but still I like it.

Thanks for the comments guys. Ill keep in mind trying to hit lines faster for my next videos. I do think theres room for improvement there.