-- Out the Game Flat -- Medium

Damn, that seems pretty hard to me =/

i guess hops between 90-180-90 are not allowed?

nope they are allowed but its not that much more difficult than without doing them just try it.
but its no problem;)

well obviously nobody wants to play…

i wasnt at home
when is the last day?

sunday was the last day but nobody else is playing anyways so…
maybe we can set the deadline to friday…

I would love to play, but my foot is still not healed up completely…

I can do some tricks on it now, but I probly won’t be able to practice hard on it for a couple weeks.

for what did i actually open this thread ?

sry i forget to post i allready uploaded it on vimeo
but i think i don´t makes much sence if just 2 people or 3 play

yo then we quit this thread as it has never existed

Okay, I’m bumping this thread because people have been making OTG intermediate\begginer or \expert or \advanced.

Here’s a thread for OTG MEDIUM. It’s the same thing as intermediate, and it will be much easier to know what difficulty to set, because there will only be ONE level !!

whatever lets do this…SET THE TRICK.

I havn’t been able to login in like 2 weeks on unicyclist so i couldnt join the other OTG :stuck_out_tongue: Could we continiue on this one? :slight_smile:


ok… if you really want we can set the limit to the next week or something … and everybody has to land the old combo or what…

for me it doesn’t really matter anymore beacuse i could join the medium/expert OTG with UO_… :stuck_out_tongue: your choice.

i know that matti has landed the trick already but didnt post it so a game where only 3 guys play is funless if 1 or 2 more guys join we can continue this game…

I want to play to :slight_smile: i will do the old trick today :slight_smile: lets set the time limit to saturday or something?


Mabye we should just start a new OTG medium??
I think this is getting a little confusing…

But if you guys wanna continue on this thread here is the video:


play in both threats ^^
I will join to :wink: