Our first parade

The boys and I rode in our first parade this morning. As today’s date is
July 4, I’ll let you guess which parade. It was almost as if our small
farm town of about 9000 had never seen unicycles before. Sure did receive
a lot of comments. We rode with Brad’s (age 8) cub scout troop float with
most of the cub scouts riding decorated bicycles or razor scooters behind
the float. We had a blast and I believe so did the parade observers along
the route. The best part was the exposure to the sport and that we were
able to advertise our new unicycle club a bit. About three fourths of the
way through, Ben (11) blew a tire on his Jugglebug in the same spot as the
other two blowouts (long split) except this time he was riding. Still no
explanation for the sudden blowouts except that all three were the same.
I’ve examined the rim and tire over and over and can’t find anything
wrong. So, Mom just happened to have the van nearby with the 5 footer, so
he grabbed the giraffe and finished the parade in style. We’re looking
forward to the Harvest parade in late August when we’ll have matching club
shirts and hopefully more riders.

Bruce http://move.to/daup