our first movie

phil and i made our first unicycle movie last weekend i have watched it and laughed becauce i have never seen my self unicycling before anyway what do you think?
go on flippet.org and on unicycle videos and the top video say seaton day video or something sorry i would put a link but i do not know how sorry

Here ya go:
I haven’t seen it yet, because my computer still goes sllllooow.

thanks my p.c is slow as well i have not seen all of it as my p.c crashed 3/4 of the way through but i am seeing the 70mb version on phils laptop soon:D

Indeed, 'tis a video. Taken last weekend, it’s taken me ages to get the thing together because I’ve been falling in bogs in Derbyshire most of this last week.

It’s 8.4MB, DivX5, 4 minutes long, and set to The Goo Goo Dolls - Truth Is A Whisper, which I think is a really rather good song. The picture quality is a bit pants, but even if I had the space I couldn’t really upload any more, my modem is glowing already. When I win the lottery I’ll have a faster internet connection… :roll_eyes:

This is actually the first time I’ve made a video longer than a very short thing and done more editing than simply sticking the clips together, and I’m rather pleased with the result if I may say so myself. :slight_smile:

'Twas good fun doing the riding, too…


Excellent trials riding! Makes me want to head over to the skate park now.

British to American translation please…pants, an adjective?

“A bit pants” = “a bit rubbish”

Sorry about that, I hadn’t noticed I’d written it… :slight_smile:


This is just hilarious. And I should be able to understand both of you.

Hey, my computer says " Unable to render, dx50 decomposer not found." I dont know jack about computers so what is it?

My dad and I used to restore MGB’s (little British sports cars), and the shop manuels included a dictionary of British car part names and their American equivalents. For instance:

drive shaft=propellor shaft
convertible top=hood
wench=King Dick spanner
counter-clockwise=anti-clockwise (I actually use this one now)
ground (as in wiring)=earth (“this car is wired negative earth”)

Ok, I’m done. Sorry for jacking the thread. I’ve just always liked British lingo. Perhaps I’ll move there someday and try to pick it up.

cool video! what are you riding in the first one?

Re: our first movie

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>I’ve just always liked
>British lingo.

It seems to me you have it the wrong way. The Brits (more precisely
the English) own the original. Over time, Americans made a bit of
lingo out of it. At best you could say you like the British roots of
American English.

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You need the DivX 5 video codec. Install me!


What do you mean by “first one”?

If you’re talking about unicycles, mine (me==yellow) is a UDC Max Bounce trials uni with a KH hub in it, and Ben’s (grey t-shirt) is an un-upgraded Max Bounce (I think).

I’d link to the pictures, but unicycle.uk.com is broken… :frowning:

I’ve just noticed that on the small version of the video you can’t see the look the man in the background gives me when I fall off the bench, at the end of the crashes bit. Priceless… :slight_smile:


Well done Phil and Ben!

That was great! Thanks for the music too Phil!

Tip to Ben: Roll out of your drops!

I am suprised you didnt bend (or look like you bent) your cranks doing them drops without a roll out!

Grrr… today, I was going to stay in and do homework, but I think I need to go and do some Trials now! :stuck_out_tongue: Its your fault if my homework is not done for tomorrow, Phil! :slight_smile:


Re: Re: our first movie

True that. Please forgive my American arrogance, it seems to be contagious over here.

Re: Re: our first movie

True, but I believe the since the two languages diverged the linguists consider both as distinct dialects - (British) English and American (English). Neither is the same as the root 16th century English. So the Brits own the brand name, but don’t speak the original.

This is a bit off topic, but the linguistic differences go deeper than a few variations in spelling and terminology. American has absorbed quite a bit of Spanish, African and Italian; which means Americans (as in United States of America + Canada) construct sentences differently, use verb tenses differently, and details like pronouns are changing too. Americans follow the Italian model and gesture quite a bit while using the language economically.

As with Italian, gesture and Inflection are far more important in American than in (British) English. “Dude” speak is a good example. “Dude!” is different than “Dude?” or “Dude!!” The first means “Good job!”, the second means “What the hell are you doing?”, and the third means “It’s great to see you!” The Brits arelike the Germans and the French - mastery of a large vocabulary and use of complex sentence structures are essential in effective communication. “Wazzup!?!” just doesn’t translate.

I used to drive the Germans crazy when I was working over there. The firm that we all worked for had a policy of having all formal reports written in English… but they didn’t specify WHICH English. The Germans would labor to write a report in broken English (Generally British, which is what the schools teach in Germany) and I’d ‘correct’ it to read as proper American. Then the hapless German woudl route his report past a Brit who would ‘correct’ it to proper British. Then when it got back to my desk I’d fix it again… This would go on a few cycles then one of us would let it slide and go into the official document database.

The Germans as a whole tolerated the joke but they were definately NOT amused. They understood that residual colonialists/imperialists tension was the source of the humor, but since it wasn’t relevant to their world view they never they realy got the joke. But they were all good sports, and we thought it was funny, so we kept at it.

Back on topic - I couldn’t get the movie to load. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. At the moment I’m using a Windows machine - this evening I’ll try it with the Mac and see if I can get it to work. The thumbnails look good, so I’m sure it will be worth the effort. Thanks!


PS: To the Canadians - I don’t mean to suggest that Canadian is not different. Canadian has quite a bit more French tone, eh. (Only Cajun in the USA has more.) However, Canadian is just the northernmost lingo on a continent of language that diverged from British English a few centuries ago. Most of the USA bordering regions speak a lingo pretty close to the neighboring Canadian, and vice versa.

Thanks phil.

i am working on role outs my hub is fine i am a light weight for my age so hub ect will not bend touch wood i am getting a hub upgrade soon in the next vid if we ever make one i will be roling out like butter yes butter that works

i have not laughed so much in ages i finally saw the “Bails section” i just loved the shot of me giving up on pedal grabing that bench. i downloaded it on to my p.c so i did not get my p.c crashing mid film.and there are terms on the role out eg if i do no riding this week and we film on saturday.

“If”?! :astonished:

Just as soon as I can get on the back of those benches and onto the sea wall, pestering about bringing the video camera will resume… :slight_smile: