Our Alps 2 Ocean Video

Our recent trip to along the Alps 2 Ocean Trail, South Island, New Zealand :slight_smile:


Well, great pictures, fantastic landscapes and some comments…

Anna is absolutely talented! In a couple of years she will ride better than you, if she continue with this rhytm!

at 0.45 is she riding one footed or she was going to fall?

kisses? The lonely silent calm and wise Dr. Looi kissing and showing a duck face? Fantastic! Many compliments to Anna!

PS: Grande Anna, un abbraccio da Natascia e Nicola!

Ciao belli

Thanks Nicola,

That’s why they call me Gizmoduck :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing Unicycle Fails

I just found this online and it is new, it is about 90% unicycling fails.