OUI'10 Discussion


Yeah, who knows if OUI’10 will happen, and yeah it’s a way off, but I’d like to hear updates and other stuff, if it were to happen.

If OUI’10 doesn’t happen, there should just be a street/trials ride in Ottawa on a weekend in the sping of 2010.

OUI’10 or is it OUI’2010 … hmmmmm…

Anyways, discuss…


I hope there will be a OUI’10, but I think it’s a bit fast to talk about that, were still in 2009:p I like your idea of just a ride in Ottawa, OUI’09 was supposed to be something like that but it just didn’t happened at all:( Lets hope for OUI’10, I’ll help for organizing it next year, or maybe I will organize it :sunglasses: