Ottawa Unicycle Ride 04/10/08

So, Ottawa unicycle ride had taken place on the 4th of October, mostly downtown riding and near Chateau Laurier area.
Song is, Weighty Ghost - Winter Sleep

hehehe, that was really nice! i like the music too :slight_smile:

the long jump is 7’6" if somone want to know…

Pretty cool riding. Wish it was longer

this is sad, BUMP :frowning:

Cool vid, how big was that set? Can’t really see from the vid.

It was an 8 set.

nice rollinghops congrats on the 8 set.

short but sweet.

whoa… is that Nick I see?
Nice vid.
I’m going to have to come up for a ride before the snow.

I’m pretty sure it’s Nick, and tell us when you’ll come :slight_smile: