Ottawa Unicycle Invasion Update

OUI '04 to be held in Ottawa, Canada 29-30 May 04 is one week away and preparations are going great. Local retailers have been generous so in addition to trophies there will be some great prizes! Drinks (pop and water) and snacks (fruit and baked goods) will be for sale at the event and a hot pizza lunch package will be available for purchase on Saturday. And for those who haven’t been to the site recently, Ryan Atkins will teaching a mini trials workshop on Saturday before the trials event.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event!

Carl Roth
Director OUI '04
(613) 293-5856

Competitor & Special Guest BBQ Saturday Night

Don’t forget that my wife Cathy and I will be hosting a competitor and special guest BBQ at our place (across the road from the OUI site) Saturday night right after we move the trials equipment back to my garage and yes I know it looks like I am going to make you work for your food!. The menu inlcudes hamburgers, hotdogs, potatoe salade, a green leafy salade, pop, and ice cream. Beer and wine will also be avaiable for those so inclined. There is NO CHARGE for this event but if you are really thirsty please bring some extra beer or wine!

I hope this simplifies your evening dinner plans and provides a time when we can relax and get to know one and another.


Director OUI '04