Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 29-30 May 2004 (It's in Canada eh!)

For those who didn’t hear at the TOque Games in Toronto last weekend, Ottawa
Unicycle Invasion 2004 (OUI '04), is on!
On 29-30 May 2004 Ottawa, Canada will be host to what could very well be the
biggest unicycle event ever held in Canada’s National Capital Region! (Ok it
may be one of the only unicycle events ever held here!)

There will be a Trials Competition, Learn To Ride Work Shops, Skills Level
Testing, Unicycle Basketball, a Statement Ride to a group dinner at a local
restaurant and Darren Bedford of Bedford Unicycles will be there selling
unicycles. Darren will also be taking orders that he will deliver and set up
at the event.

To Register or to find out more information check out the OUI '04 web site
at or contact Carl Roth at (613) 293-5856 or
reply to this post by email (after removing the “spam”). The OUI '04 web
site is continually being updated so check back often.

Click here for an event poster: .

Remember: Say “OUI” to Unicycling in Ottawa 29-30 May 04!!!

Carl Roth
Director OUI '04