Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 08 Countdown !

Only 21 days left before the annual Ottawa Unicycle Invasion !

Ok ok, I know not many people on here are going but still, it’s an awesome competition to meet great people and have fun, so come everyone ! And don’t forget, there is only 3 days left to send your registration.

So here is the thread to countdown the days before OUI and discuss anything related to it.

Personnally, I think there should be an unofficial high jump comp where we could hop onto pallets, like at fluck. Most people really prefer that…And does anyone know how Carl, Karl or Jason plan to transport the trials course to the Constance Bay Community Centre ?


I can’t wait for OUI, its going to be intense this year!

Who wants to do some riding on the Friday before OUI?!

Maybe some downtown street riding!

I don’t know that Carl/Karl/Jason are taking over everything but I know they are taking over a bunch of stuff beforehand, also John has already gotten a car and other things for the trials course!

There is usualy alot of time for messing around so I’m sure as the competitions are going on we could probably find some pallets off to the side to mess around on, see who can do the highest as the day goes on, use them to practice for the over the bar contest.

This year I’ve been working on getting a bunch more Sponsors for the event, so hopefully this year the prizes will be better and with more support the whole event should be more fun. No more windshield kits hopefully!

O and 20 days coming out.

So far according to this thread two cities, two provinces, and one Country being repped at OUI this year.


Friday Before Oui? ill have to get back to you on that one…

If this event were a couple weeks earlier I’d be there for sure. I’m heading home from school on the 16th…to where it’s way to far to drive.

What is the exact date of OUI? And could anyone going from the Toronto or the surrounding area make a slight detour to pick me up?:o

It is the 24th and the 25th. You could always take the bus here, I would be happy to give you a place to stay and pick you up at the bus station. Although Darren, Mike and usualy a couple other people come from Toronto.

Its a shame you can’t make the event Jason.

19 days…

i am going to competionnnnnning( :thinking: ) intermediate trials … i hope i’ll be in the top 3:D

OUI 08 is going to be awesome.
I signed up for Expert, and am now thinking that was a mistake maybe. Darren told me I could switch to Sport once I get there.
I sure hope it is nice weather for the Trials, Long Jump, and Highjump. Let’s hope.

Yeah Isaac I’m sure you could handle either one and it wouldn’t be a big deal. You will probably come in the top three in Sport but you definatly wouldn’t be the worst in Expert.

The prizes this year are going to be pretty bad ass.

Well, if anyone is interested in picking me up, I’m about an hour north of Toronto, west of the 400 about 20mins from the Newmarket-area off-ramp. It might be a bit out of the way, so I may be able to arrange another meeting place if I can.

PM me if there are any takers.

I can guarantee the possibility of that.

If there is, try to get a Tryall or Eagle Claw. :slight_smile:

I’m pumped for this!! I have never been to OUI! I signed up for everything! (all in sport)-Will there be any like “fun rides” going on as well? Maybe some coker riding??? That would be awesome!

I’ve always wanted to see if my 29er with 110’s can keep up with a coker… sounds like a good time to find out.

17 more days…

From what Nathan has told me, OUI 08 is going to have some amazing prizes.

16 Days…

I never come to OUI and I’m going to trial competition in sport category and Nathan tell my I could be in top 3 if I’m practicing a little bit more :smiley:

Last year I got 6th in Sport. This year I am in Expert and I won’t have a chance, but it will be loads of fun to just ride with others. I might switch to sport when I get there. I will have to decide on what the course looks like.


If there is anyone that is thinking about coming then please don’t think hard because this year’s OUI is going to be amazing and you don’t have to be a winner to get prizes. Not to mention the fact that this year’s prizes are crazy and the odds are very good that aslong as you enter that you will win something.

Just a small example of what we have for prizes are Koxx 1 Hubs and cranks (140mm)!! Donated from Division 8.

Also if there are people who are worrying about getting here or finding a place to stay, talk to me and we have a couple things set up.

15 days

I will also be making an announcement either today or tomorrow about the prizes, should be some big news.

Right now we have

Division 8 (

Phat Moose

Bedford Unicycles

All supporting OUI with donations aswell as Bedford being there as a vendor!!!

Wow, this year is going to be the best. That’s awesome how you don’t have to place to win. Thanks for the update. Let’s hope the weather is nice for this day. Wow, I am so excited!:smiley: Yeah only 15 days! Coming up so soon, I will have enough time to adjust to my new KH Pads, new gloves, and CF Base. :slight_smile: I’m all set up and ready to ride!