OTG **super beginer**


I’m starting a “Out The Game” for super beginners who can basic tricks.

Rules: Someone set a trick and the others most land the trick at one week.
If you don’t land the trick you get a O. And if you don’t land three tricks your OUT.

You can join the game until third round. If you join the game in round 2 and 3 you are O.

Your trick most not be for difficult.

Subscribe if you don’t understand something. (this is my first thread about out the game)


im in
if its going to start

I’m in if it starts to.

Whatever. You’ve already been linked to the correct thread twice, I’m not gonna bother again.

Haha, Hey brady123123123 The first thread you posted in to say hey to your friend was the right one to join. :wink:

I can still join it