OT: Awesome vid

Sorry, this is way off topic. Should prolly be in JC but it just doesn’t seem right. Anyways, if you are even slightly interested in anything to do with bicycles (I’d say most of you are), you’ll wanna check out this awesome vid.

yeah, that was awsome

eeek… only 40kb a second at 25mb.

what do you do to wath it…?


Do you mean:
What software do I use to view it?

either Divx or the Divx codec for windows, both are free and online.

You have to get a eengoedidee account. It’s free. You have to give them a valid email addy. I gave them mine 2 years ago and haven’t gotten a lick of spam.

Also, for those of you who can’t upload into the gallery (guess its not a prob now) you get to upload vids there.

Awesome… megadope, infact. The music was ok but the ridig was mega slick. I love biketrials. I don’t watch NWD 1,2,3,4 for the unis.

awesome video, can u link us to some more?



Re: OT: Awesome vid

That was pretty awesome yes. For me it always feels like unicycling is
kind of undramatic when I’ve seen bikers show off. All that speed and
flow! But unicycling is way cooler anyway, isn’t it? No?


That rocks.

Yeah man. Just check the top downloads on eengoedidee.

The clip is a segment from the video New World Disorder 5: Disorderly Conduct. You can download the teaser for the video here.

It’s a great MTB video. But no unicycling in it.

Looks like I’m just too slow for the webskills of the master JC, I just went to pinkbike to get the link while you beat me out to posting it.

next time Childs, next time

Muah ha ha ha ha ha

NWD 5 is good, I personally like 2 and 3 the best, however if anyone wants a DVD with all 5 of the NWD’s on them in WMV and AVI and mpg formats(play it on your compy) just ask me.