OREGON or cage frame 26-29 w large wheel (3-4")

I made the mistake of riding my wife’s OREGON… I Really want one and Uni.com is out of stock until their new release in mid April! I would be happy with the whole uni or the basic pieces of the older/original style. I have or can buy spare seats posts, peddles etc but need a cage frame and large wheel (ISIS only). I might consider trading my Nimbus 2 24 but I’m happy to keep it for the street. I’m in Jacksonville, FL ph 904 403-3360. THANKS… Ride ON! Email iterk@aol.com

Hi iterk,

welcome on the forum. I unfortunately don’t have an Oregon frame to offer. However, I have a brand new fat tire looking for a new home.

I think it will be your main concern once you will have secured your frame and wheel :wink:

What a GREAT forum! Thanks All!

It took TWO DAYS and I had what I needed! All the parts are in the mail and it looks like I’ll be riding an Oregon of my own next weekend!.. Now I probably ought to start looking at 29/36ers for Lisa… something to keep her busy while I get ahold of the Oregon…? :-))

About how much did it run you to buy all the parts separately? I’ve been thinking of getting a 29’er but haven’t actually priced just buying parts.

puttin it together

‘Mornin’ Liam:
I probably have $500 in a like new Oregon (@$900 ‘factory built’) but part of that is the fact that I was comfortable with ‘non standard parts’ which included a very kool 100 Wymann rim laced to an Oregon hub. It was a crap shoot. As it turned out it’s going to make a fantastic ride. The second part of the ‘deal’ is that I already had a couple of spare KH seats and lots of bits and pieces. Our living room would make most uni ridrs drool :-)). My wife has been riding for 37 years and our "honeymoon’ was a lovely long weekend that took us on a looong drive from Jacksonville to Marietta, GA where Josh at Uni.com showed us what he had. We bought her an Oregon then drove another 6 hrs to a friend’s ranch for a few days of herding cows from her Oregon and tractors, old airplanes and bluegrass. Point…Uni stuff is not a novelty here.

My building up an Oregon was driven by the fact that Uni.com was going to be out of stock for a few weeks while they got the latest from drawing board to welders and back to Georgia… I did what I do and spent last Thur nt till midnight hangin a strange collection of pieces together and then a ‘quick street ride’ at midnight to see what I had. This one WORKED!!

Some of the keys to building your own are to know what pieces might go together i.e. you can’t lace a 32 hold rim to a 36 h hub (as far as I know…) AND… IF you have to lace a rim you either need to have the stuff to do it RIGHT or KNOW what your LBS charges. You need to research the pieces before you buy them. You WILL occasionally wind up with someone else’s JUNK but as long as you are not on an inflexible budget and as long as it’s FUN to ‘PLAY’ with this stuff you will be better for it :-)).

To widely paraphrase Mr Miagee in the original Karate Kid movie… look in your own mind for what your ‘ideal ride’ looks like and then cut away…or bolt on whatever it takes to make your ride look like that.

Best of luck