Ore Mountains Bike Marathon - Municycle Cross Country Championship of Saxony 2014

Hey Guys,

I’d like to invite you to Seiffen in the Ore Mountains of Saxony (Germany), right at the Czech Border. On 2nd August 2014 we have a Municycle Cross Country race over 15km.

Here comes the official announcement: (PDF is Attached)

At the first weekend of August 2014 in Seiffen in the Saxon Ore Mountains starts the 22nd Erzgebirgs-Bike-Marathon which is the oldest mountain bike marathon of Germany. On two days everything a racing weekend needs is offered: mountain bike marathons of 40 to 100 km, dual slalom, kids races from tyke (1,7 km) to Youth (22,5 km), family bike tour, uphill sprint race, expo area and lots of fun. A novelty this year: a unicycle competition.

Time plan:
Date: Saturday 2nd August 2014
Start: 14:30
Race number distribution: Friday 18:00 - 21:00, Saturday 8:00 - 14:00
Award ceremony: subsequent to the race

Start of registr.: 1st December 2013 at ebm100.de/?c=6 (Help and translation provided within PDF)
Closing date: 28th July 2014 or on-site (mind supplement fees)
Fee: 20€ (from 14th Jul. 5€ supplement for late registration)
(including: race number, certificate, finisher photo, traditional wooden pinion finisher medal, map of Seiffen, t-shirt, film download, technical service, massage service, catering, diverse vouchers)

Unicycles: wheel diameter up to 29 inch, non geared
Safety gear: riders must wear helmet, gloves and kneepads, shin pads are recommended
Age classes:
U17 m / U17 f - Juniors
17-18 m / 17-18 f - Rookies
19-29 m / 19-29 f - Elites
30+ m / 30+ f - Masters
(We reserve the right to merge age groups in case of insufficient participants)
The rules of the IUF apply (see unicycling.org/files/iuf-rulebook-2013.pdf).

Distance: 2 Laps at 7,5km (=15km) and 150m (=300m) alt. diff.
Difficulty: S0 (referring to Singletrail scale STS)
Underground: tarmac (29%) gravel road (36%) forest & meadow trails (35%)

See official Announcement (PDF, german/english) below:

Muni XC Seiffen EBM 2014 Ausschreibung_2.pdf (113 KB)

Great event!
I will try to make it there… Is there anywebsite where the future events are listed?

try of an answer

Depends on what you mean with “the future events”. There are several Websites with upcoming Unicycle Events all over the world. But i think you mean German or Saxon events. Well all websites are in german language.
First there is the page of german unicycling federation: www.einradverband.de/index.php?article_id=614, its for whole germany as well es the german cycling federation at hwww.einrad-bdr.de/?page=termine. Another private page is at einradfahren.de/index.php?module=mod_events&action=index&menu_id=78. www.einradtag.de/node/12 lists events of Saxony.
Here at unicyclist.com we have two threads, the first Terminsammlung 2014 is for whole germany, the second Anstehende Termine Sachsen is only for Saxony.
Did I answer your question with that?

I forgot to say, that it’s the blue track on the provided map.

Hi Eric

Unfortunatelly at the first 2 weeks of August UNICON 17 takes place, so all good riders are in Canada that time.
Anyway, still some sort of riders remain in Poland so I hope the event will be good.

Last year I organized “XC Munirace pod Smrkem” close to your place (Swieradow Zdroj / Nove Mesto pod Smrkem), was very nice. Hope I will manage to make the race this year again, but in autumn. Check the website: munirace.com

See you in Swieradow Zdroj.

I know about the time problem with UNICON 17. It’s a pitty. But EBM has taken place at the first weekend of august for over 20 years now, so no chance to change that. I really wantet to make it into this race, so I hat to accept this. Now I’m hoping on all who can’t affort to fly to canada. If it’s a good race this year, it might even be better next year with all the good riders. For now I’m glad that I got the chance to make this Muni XC race at this big event and hope that it is good enough to convince them that it will be part of the race weekend for alle the following years …

Last year I had no time for Munirace pod Smrkem. But I heard the reports of other participants. It must have been great. I really want to join this year!

There are only two weeks remaining for registration without supplement fee. So hurry up, if you want to join this event

Change on Timeplan

The starting time has been changed. Unicyclists will start at 11:05.

Muni XC Seiffen EBM 2014 Ausschreibung_3.pdf (113 KB)