Ordering from UDC UK

Hey, i’m going to buy a koxx hub and 140mm cranks (ISIS), however:

i live in australia, and i’m buying them from the UK UDC site.

will the 17.5$ (or whatever the hell it is in %) VAT (or whatever acronym it is) be taken off the price as i go through checkout?

would i be best to get it shipped to my PO Box, could they do that?

do i pay GST as it comes into my country for it somehow?


where it says 17.5$ it’s supposed to be 17.5%.

my bad

Usually shops will not charge you VAT, tho you will probably be charged GST when it arrives in aus. usually nobody will ship to po box

on their site they say that VAT is included in all the prices. which made me wonder :-S.

bugger, home adress it is then

Maybe you should e-mail them and ask.

i did, two or so days ago and no reply back yet, but that’s cool.

just seeing if anybody else has been through this already.

Ah, OK. Well, they have to exclude the vat, it’s for europe only. You can also try municycle.com - they are very good.

I did a lot of research before I bought my Koxx 1 stuff, although I’ve forgotten it all now.

I think I worked out that it was cheaper to buy it from www.municycle.com . Roland was very helpful too.

Either that or it just costed a bombload+ for postage from UDC UK.

I reconmend municycle.com because they’re closer… right? =\


ummmmm, maybe?

does municycle.com have any sales tax that they put on?

i might go through these guys if it turns out okay.

do you remember if you paid GST for them at any stage?

They are closer and they are definitely very helpful and friendly.
I have nothing but good to say about them.

They don’t have taxes and the VAT will be excluded.(I’m pretty sure)

Something like that.

I don’t recall paying GST or anything like that. Just the prices on the site + shipping which was about $60 - 80 AUD as far as I remember, but that was for the hub/frame/cranks/seat post/seat clamp. I don’t know what the price would be for just the hub and cranks.

Good luck with it.

I also have nothing bad to say about municycle.com, they’re very helpful and friendly.


We just had a bank holiday in the UK, so today is the first working day since last friday. I imagine you’ll get a reply soon.

whats a bank holiday?

I’ll let wikipedia explain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank_Holiday

Basically, it’s a national day off.

On the Municycle website it says “incl. 16% Tax” in the small print next to all the prices



The cost of shipping the cranks and hubs over to Australia would be £20.50 by DHL which normally takes 2 days.

You will not be charged the UK sales taxes. This is 17.5% and it will be deducted from your order automatically when you process it.

You may get charged by the Australian customs upon import though.

I hope this helps. My apologies about the delay in replying but we were closed yesterday due to a UK bank Holiday.



that works out to be 240 australian, i’m going to get these!

Roger is just the best