Ordered a Nimbus

Just ordered a Nimbus 20" Trials uni. I got a 300 mm post (it should be good considering I am almost 5’ tall). The best part is, it came in ORANGE!:stuck_out_tongue:

i love orange it is my favorite color. I have always liked the nimbus trials even before that had it as a complete uni I wanted a custom exactly like it then i changed the whole set up. I orderded a torker dx the other day just because i wanted a trials uni and it is easy to upgrade

i just ordered a KH20 blue Al frame… seems like everyones ordering things…

When my stuff atrts to break i am upgrading to a kris holm frame that I am going to get powder coated orange and then I am either going to get kris holm, koxx, or profile cranks powder coated orange. I can’t wait until i get the money for that stuff where I don’t have to worry about my frame breaking even though i will have a few months
edit:if it breaks at all then I will just upgrade it

Dang it i can’t edit my last one. Ok i will put all the edits here

2.and for the list of frames i might get a nimbus 2, nimbus round crown frame, bedford frame, or if I have enough money I am going to get the kris Holm

I think that is all my edits