order directly, or through a bike shop

Hi Everyone
After weeks of serious unicycle research, I have finally decided on my first Uni in 30 years (I used to ride when I was a teenager)-- a nimbus 26 inch!
I got the cash (finally, after a few setbacks)–one question to the more experienced of you out there–is it better to order direct from unicycle.com, or is it better to order through a local bike shop that has an arrangement with unicycle.com. I do know a local bike shop that is an official dealer of uni.com–but I was wondering if it would be better to order directly? Is there a difference? I’m totally into supporting my local bikle shop, but at the same time, does it make any difference? Will I get the coveted nimbus any sooner by ordering directly? Is a bike shop order more of a safeguard against a tire with loose spokes, (or something like that)

Steve, New York City

Re: order directly, or through a bike shop

yes,because if the spokes are loose when you go to pick it up the bike shop is going to fix that before the final sale.where as,if you ordered it straight to your house and the spokes were loose the shop would charge you most likely since they didnt get a cut originaly