Orange bud/Alien Backlip

Orange bud wheel
-Orange k1 street rim
-Reinforced k1 hub
-k1 street cranks
Alien Backflip frame
Cromo post
Orange k1 clamp
KH street seat
Odyssey pc pedals
creepy crawler

The Alien backflip frame is brand new, it has never been ridden. The seat is also brand new. The powdercoat on the rim is pretty scratched from the spokes when I used to break nipples.

The wheel used to belong to Xavier Collos, I am pretty sure it is the one he used when he won the street comp at Unicon in 06. His signature is on the side of the rim.

Asking $400.

That is one, hot, unicycle!

I’m kinda interested. But I probably won’t be able to get it due to finacial limitations… how strong is the wheel? After Xav rode it…

Hehehe, you used to brake nipples.

nice uni for sure but i just got a new one :frowning:

EDIT: :slight_smile:


Spencer, this is Alden (pinkunikid). Have you sold it yet? also how heavy is it?
Im VERY interested


Hey, one person may want it, but if that doesn’t work out then you’re next in line.
I don’t know how much it weighs, the cromo post and undrilled rim aren’t very light. Everything feels really heavy compared to my current uni so it is hard to compare. :slight_smile:

let me know if it gets sold spencer, im getting a sweet tax return… and i’ll have some money for a new uni…


hey there phil on uni
i live just an hour away in ritzville and was wondering how to get ahold of a totally sick trials/street uni here in washington

Sold, thanks guys.