Oracle or Nightfox...Please help me decide!

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m about to receive enough cash to finally allow me to buy a decent 36er and had pretty much decided on the Nightfox, upgraded with disc brake and green rim. It appeals to me because I’m not the tallest person, with a 32in inseam. Also I would like to start using a handle bar, after getting used to the 36er again.

The problem I have is I love the look of the Oracle 36er, its beautiful. Another is I’d like to give the kh zero saddle a go, but it seems this isn’t an option on the Nightfox…makes me wonder what else I won’t be able to use on it :thinking:

I’m just not too sure if my 32in inseam will allow for a handle bar on the Oracle, without cutting the frame down. I already know I’ll have to chop a lot off the seatpost, if I decide on the Oracle.

Please help me decide!


I am 5’7" or so. Between a 30 and 32 inseam, more like 31". The Oracle 36 fits me fine.

If I were an inch or two shorter it would be a problem with 150mm cranks, but would probably be OK with 127mm.

I’d go with the Oracle, unless someone you know is shorter than you who wants to ride it too.

Thanks very much for your reply. Would you say you still have room left over for a handle bar?

Hi there

I’ve recently bought an Oracle myself (4 months ago) and my leg lentgh (heel to crotch without shoes on) is between 32 and 33 inches (I’m 1.72 cm in height). I was still able to cut down enough seatpost to reach the KH 165mm crank (there is still about 4,5cm left of lenght in the seatpost before it reaches the junction to the saddle attachment/support). Also I have just installed the KH T bar with no problems.

Hope this helps

Cheers :slight_smile:

That helps a lot, thanks very much :slight_smile:

I think I’m pretty much decided on the Oracle then!

Great to be of help. :slight_smile:

It took me a very long time deciding as I had never tried any 36 before getting mine. Was also really worried about the leg length vs long cranks.

Don’t know about the other 36ers but the Oracle feels light as a feather!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

I use a KH T-bar currently on my Oracle. It fits fine.

Yes it’s a joy to ride. Very high quality machine. I’m glad I purchased it. I think there is a long thread about KH36 vs Oracle36, which I either started or contributed to that tracks all my hand-wringing. It turned out good for me.

That alone would probably put me off (Not necessarily the Zero alone, but compatability with other components that I might be interested in in the future!). If there’s any chance of being able to fit aboard an Oracle, I’d say go for it. KH T-Bars, as they attach to the saddle not the post, aren’t limited by seatpost length (as far as I know?) though if you want the Nimbus handle setup (which I think looks far better, for what it’s worth!) I’m not sure how much of a problem that’d become.

I agree that the Oracle is a beautiful machine too :smiley: There’s someone on these forums who has one with a custom greenish-blackish-blue (I dunno…) paint job on the frame that looks amazing too!

I think I’ve seen that paint job Piece Maker :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise the KH T-Bars attached to the saddle…bonus!

It should be less than a week now until I order, just gotta sell this b*ke first.
Brand new in box Boardman pro 29er if anyone’s interested, before it goes on eBay :wink: