[or TRADE] KH29 frame & wheel

Hi everybody,

I am starting a new project and it seems like my trusty KH29 may need a new home. Here is some details of what’s in, what’s out and what’s in-between :smiley:

What is included:
=> KH29 frame 2006 model with the reinforcement plate under the crown. Usual surface scratches from off-road riding.
=> KH29 XC rim without cut-outs (38mm) straight and strong. Some anodizing faded on the braking area because of brakes. One small chip due to a rock but nothing serious.
=> Continental 29" tube with Slime tube sealant
=> WTB Exiwolf 29x2.3 in good shape (nice on road & XC)
=> White Nimbus ISIS hub in good shape. Never abused and installed two/three years ago.
=> DT Swiss spokes and professional wheel build with no hardcore riding (I have a 26 for that)

What can be added:
=> a KH Muni saddle
=> a Nimus removable cover (useful if you want to flatten a saddle)
=> a blue aluminium QR clamp
=> a brand new K1 green single clamp
=> 125mm Qu-ax ISIS cranks
=> 100mm Qu-ax ISIS cranks
=> self-extracting bolts for cranks
=> Magura-to-VBrakes adapters
=> VBrakes set (I have to check if I have a lever left or not)

What is not included:
=> seatpost
=> handlebar
=> pedals
=> spokes reflectors
=> saddle brake mount

What I am looking for ?

=> Ideally I would trade it for a Rabbit Hole wheelset (125mm hub) with a Knard
=> Any 29" wheelset on a 125mm hub can be discussed too
=> Default plan, any reasonable offer for a sale will be considered

So PM me with what you have and what you want and we will see if it can work :slight_smile:

If anything from this post isn’t on the main pic or in my parts link gallery in signature, I will add pics in this thread later today.

Thanks for reading (^_^)

It is still Sunday (but one week late), here is the additional pics promised :smiley:

Two of the frame (to show the side surface scratches and the reinforcement plate under the crown specific from this frame year).
One of the hub with some paint peeling and salty road stains.
Two of the rim to show the rock mark and the black anodizing fading on the braking area.