...or how about 24 hrs of Great Glen (NH)

So how about this race? Aug 12-13, 2006

24 Hours of Great Glen (Pinkham Notch, NH)

Let’s get a team for this or the 24 hrs race at Allamuchy.

I’m up for the Great Glen one! :smiley:

OK - let’s get two more people and we’ll be good to go!

I’ve seen you two ride, You are both dynamo’s. I would slow things down considerably, so I’ll sit this one out.

That 2 mile trail race in the mud and rain, in Albany last year, with Steveyo, that was extremely challenging for me. While Steve, you made it look easy, making it in probably half the time of my lap.

Come on, Ken! Start training now and you could be a Navy Seal by the time this race comes around.

I might be in, but I have no idea whats going on at that time. I’ll fill you in when I learn more about what ill be up to.

I’m going to try and just clear my calendar now :wink: Also will give me plenty of time to train :wink:

Has anyone done this one before on a uni?

Sounds fun! I would love to do it.

Apparently a unicyclist did this race solo a few years ago according to the race director.

That’s three. One more and we should sign up.

Thanks for the encouragement Steve, I’ll keep trying to build up to it.

I’m wondering about the terrain as well, carriage trails I can follow, up and down an occasional hill is OK, but being at the foot of Mt. Washington scares me.

The foot of Mt. Washington isn’t scary… it’d be being at the top that would be scary :wink:

I saw some photos form the race last year, doesn’t look too bad… We have a 4th yet?

Not yet.

I wish I could give you a solid answer, but if im not in the process of being shipped off to college or settling in im up for it. I’m not quite sure when that all goes on yet.

It’s not quite halfway through August, most schools don’t start until September or late August… And it’s on a weekend :wink:

Know which school you’re going to?

You can’t come to my 24hr race because you have a wedding.

I can’t come to yours because I am filming a wedding :frowning:

Make them break up.

Sounds good, ill look into it a bit more and let you guys know. I’m still waiting on financial aid information, but its between northeastern in boston, university of vermont, or the honors program at university of new hampshire.

Thread bump, and I’ve started looking at the website for the 24H OGG. If we register BEFORE 6am on June 10, then for a 4 person team it costs $440, after that it goes up to $580. I’m planning on going over there this Wednesday (May 31) to scout it a bit, see what kind of terrain to expect so that I can train better for it. Ok, and because I want to muni, sue me :stuck_out_tongue:

So who is confirmed as going? Do we have enough people for a 4 person team? Oh, and camping is included in the fees.