Options for 29" tire--street duty?

What are some tire options for my 29? It will be ridden 95% on pavement, with maybe a little hardpack dirt. I’ve seen the Schwalbe big apple. Anything else worth considering?

Pertnear any fat slick will work. If you need more flat resistance I have heard a lot of good things about the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 28x2.0, but they are pricey.

In my experience the Big Apple 2.35" is quite sensitive to road camber. I’ve heard that the 2.0" is better in that respect but I haven’t tried it. I liked the ride with the Marathon Supreme 2.0" but it blew off my rim a while ago while being at 95% of rated pressure. Not sure if that is incidental.

I wound up going with a Serfas drifter 29 x 2.0 (about $30). Have not put many miles on it yet, by my initial impression is that the tire makes a HUGE improvement in ride-ability. My 29 feels like a sports car compared to what it felt like with that big knobby! It’s a good choice if you use your 29 primarily on the street.