Opinion on a unicycle

Hi all,

Can I have your opinion on this:

My sister is now looking at buying a unicycle - but only second hand and I wondered if it was any good etc.


Its probably a decent one to learn to ride on.

its a generic no brand (probably) chinese made unicycle
lots around, and lots of people learn on one

my zuggestion would be buy it but dont pay more than 40 GBP

more than that your into the cheaper learners availble through udc which would certianly be better unicycles

One can tell by the bearings (bearing caps visible) that it’s at least one step above the very cheap models (with the “donut” bearings). (Even so, I have a cheap 20" with “donut” bearings, and it works fine, as long as you don’t demand a lot from it.) Probably a great learner, go for it! (As long as the auction price doesn’t get too high, otherwise get a new Torker or Club model from UDC.)

cool :), hopefully it won’t got for much for than £20. as that’s what she looking at getting it for!

How old is she, how tall is she? You may want to look at threads here that make specific suggestions based on the rider.

They are called lolly pop bearings, but donut sounds good :roll_eyes:
My lolly pop uni worked fine until the frame started cracking in half at the bottom of each fork leg. I fixed it w/ a couple of hose clamps.

Could probably do a lot worse - it does at least seem to have better than normal pedals which should help her feet stay on them. I learnt on a £30 uni and still happy I took that route rather than spending a lot more on something I’d still have wanted to upgrade or sell later.

Shes the same age as me :smiley: but taller :frowning: about 5ft 3

I learnt myself on a uni i brought for £16 of ebay. So i know there no all utter rubbish, altohugh it does make a change being on a better uni!

no dice :frowning:

How about this one:


That looks like the same as the first one except in better condition. Good luck! Fwiw, I’ve been learning on one like that and haven’t managed to break it yet despite a month of really trying, and I’m much bigger than either of you.