Open Unicycle Map

Please register yourself in new mapping web.
Few years ago there was very useful but unfortunately it does not exist anymore and many reactivation attempts didn’t succeed. Therefore I decided to take care of it by myself.

Here it is:

It was not that difficult for website developing layman. :slight_smile: As I am not programmer I am limited to available functions, thus some thing could work better. For example the data does not load fully automatically. After collecting data I will have to manually trigger to load the data. So, after you register, you have to wait until I update the map.

At the moment you can view three layers:
Club, Event, Unicyclist.

I prepare to come with another layers: muni and road trails.

Great idea!

Would be nice if the page was available in other languages than english.

What languages do you suggest? French? If you deliver a dictionary with the words / sentences, Im sure it can be built in with a simple jscript.

I registered today and would like to encourage everyone else to do so too. Great idea!!!


Check out Trails subpage.

Until now there was registered: 190 unicyclists, 40 clubs and 32 events.
Thanks to all participating in the project.

Great idea, I’ve submitted two responses for me as I’m split between Aberystwyth and N Cumbria (if that’s alright). Would be great if responses could include more than one address.