Onza Trials Unicycle

i was thinking of buying an Onza Trials Unicycle from unicycle.uk.com, but I’m not sure if its any good. Does anybody have one and are they any good?

Buy a nicer one if you want to really get into unicycling


I think the Onza is one of the best trials unicycles.


For its price.

it depends on your bugget! I have a “qu-ax” wheel set with a nimbus frame and a kh saddle much cheaper then a onza and probli just as strong if not stronger due to the 48 spokes!

A couple of folks at the Derby Juggling club recently took possesion of new trials machines - Andy has an Onza and James has a KH. By our experience, the KH seems the more robust machine.
We spent some time dismantling Andy’s Onza at the club last night because it’s developed an annoying ‘clunk’ when he’s pedalling.
Once we had the machine stripped down to component parts, it was pretty obvious that the clunk was due to the inherent design/quality of the axle - it has two keys opposite each other on the axle, but located at either end. The grinding on the outer diameter of the axle shaft seems a little poor (smooth finish, but appears slightly stepped as if the grinding wheel has been allowed to dwell at either end).
It seems that there is some slight radial movement of the axle in the hub once the pedals are under load (when pedalling) that causes the clunk.
That is, the keys on the axle shaft are a good fit in the corresponding keyways of hub and so there’s no twisting movement, but there seems to be enough play between the inner diameter of the hub and outer diameter of the axle to allow the key to ‘climb’ the keyway and it’s this that’s causing the clunk.

James has been doing lots more hopping and dropping on his KH that Andy has been doing on the Onza, but with no apparent problems (except slightly bruised twins) so the KH seems to have won in this very un-scientific comparison.

Hope this helps,

i have been trying to dicied between the the KH and the onza for a month now…and i keep seeing support from both sides.
One day ill be like i am so buying the onza and the next i be leaning tward the KH…I think ill make a poll and see if that helps.

I also have an Onza, and my hub is loose too. It happened fairly soon after I got it. I agree the keyways in the Onza hub are not great. Doesn’t really affect rideability of the uni, though, it’s more like a slight play in the hub (for now). I’m already saving up for a Profile hub.

The seat post width says its 27.2 so how would you put say a miyata saddle on it would you have to get a rail adapterand use a bike seat post or do they sell a 27.2 mm seat post for a miyata?


i have any onza and i couldn’t be happyer i’ve done up a 5 foot drop and i never roll out its an awsome uni

Actually, I have bent the splined cranks on the KH, whereas the onza, I haven’t been able to hurt it.

you just use the seat post sizer and buy the 27.2 version or use seatpost shims