Onza Trials UNI??

Hey, what do you guys think of the Onza trials uni? opinions plz

I haven’t heard much bad about it

It’s pretty outdated. And heavy as well. There are other better choises like the KH or the Koxx1, they will give you a better uni for your money.

Go for the koxx

Where is the best place to order a Koxx1?
I work at a bikeshop so i typically dont like paying retail for this type of stuff haha.
Anybody know how to contact the distributor?

Hahaha, good luck, most retailers have trouble getting in contact with koxx.

Where do you live? your options a different depending on location.

I live in USA, Pennsylvania.
Yeah, I heard that Koxx was hard to get intouch with since they are like french i believe.

Yep french. Your best option for Koxx in the states is www.renegadejuggling.com … very good service and a pick your part kinda custom build setup. They are not “uni people” they know a bit, but it helps to know exactly what you want first. There is also www.trialsin.com, I dont know if anything has changed, last time I called them they were only doing backorder as they didnt want to over stock.

If you are not fully sold on Koxx, and want a cheap KH check out www.aebike.com . Send them and email, you work at a bike shop you know how things go with (retail/suggested/willing to sell) price. They as the rest of the world wont have any KHs in yet… tho shippments I think happen very soon.

The Onza frames aren’t designed very well. The frame gets wider so a lot of people bang their knees on it.

Renegades site is not up to date check www.koxx-one.com for a more up to date list of parts… renegade will not have everything in stock, but they do have quite a bit.

If you work at a bikeshop, can you get in touch with QBP? They carry Kris Holm stuff. :smiley:

so do nimbus frames yet tons of people recomend them

They just updated it with the new moment hub and onza tensile ISIS cranks.

The KH’s are coming on a slow boat from china

So they are out of stock almost everywhere until mid August. Worth waiting for IMHO. To get the best deal read this thread.:slight_smile:

yeah. go with the KH20. it’s a much better uni, and if you work at a bike shop that deals QBP (almost every bike shop does), you can get the uni at wholesale. I got mine for about $250. Not bad for getting the worlds best unicycle.

with that said, where is the best place to order koxx parts from? I think that KH and Koxx unis are about equal. The only reason why i decided to go for the KH is because it was cheaper and easier to get. Koxx-1 is a lot more apealling company though. Their unis have more syle and flare to them and they have a lot more variety of unis also.

But if you live in the US of A, and work in a bike shop, it would probably be cheaper and thriftier to buy a KH.


Holy crap, stop that already! Theres already enough people waiting on them haha.

koxx is a more appealing company… there is a reallly good reason UDC doesn’t deal with them.
the koxx is a nice uni, yes, but personally, i like Kh much better.

The new Onza’s (also at UDC US) w/ the true ISIS hub are light - 5.75kg vs. “under 6 kg.” for Koxx.