onza sticky finger tyre

Im looking for a new tyre for my 20" QUAX trials, currently have maxxis creepy crawler on, its lasted a good few years but its time for a change

Has anybody owned a onza tyre befor? Recomend it? If not what would you suggest?

Here is the one on UDC


I recently squeezed an Onza sticky finger in a quax 20" profi. I found the central grey compound very slippy on smooth surfaces (ceramic quarry tiles). So fitted a Maxxis maxx daddy instead, much gripier(sp?), cheap and bouncy. The only problem are the black marks left on the kitchen floor and in my copy book:o

I have never used a onza so can’t comment but if you want reviews and opinions on trials tires check out sponge’s thread.

Lots of good info there.

Thanks for tgat thread was reely helpful, i decided on getting one, as for the bouce aspect of it, i shal post a proper review wen its been through it hell!

Isn’t the sticky finger made for 20" rims? Not sure it will fit on a 19" trials rim.

I’ve used it. Works fine. It’s a tire and it acts like it. I like the thickness of the sidewalls.

Yeah it is, i made a mistake and ordered the wrong tyre, so now i have this tyre that doent fit :frowning:

That sucks you ordered the wrong tire. There is a trials (19") version.


thanks for that, i will return and exchange for this one :smiley: