Onza / Koxx Trials uni for sale


I have decided to part with my trials uni. Somebody could get so much more enjoyment out of it than my cupboard currently does.

The specs:

2005 Onza hub / cranks (cranks are a bit bent, hub is a bit clicky - no movement just noise)
2007 Onza Hog rim (with red rim tape visible through hedgehog holes)
Try-All Sticky tyre (quite a lot of tread)
Onza Shin Dig Pedals with DMR red pedal pins (spare pins too! - one pedal has a piece missing but still works/grinds fine)
Wheel professionally built with DT swiss spokes and brass nipples.
Koxx Devil frame (black with red flames)
Try All seat tube
Koxx K1 red seat clamp
Koxx K1 saddle (black and red)


Sorry if the pictures are messed up, my pc is fooked and is currently running in 4 colours. I’m amazed I got it online and am able to input text!

I will not be online at home for a few weeks (while I get this pc fixed) and the network at work does not let you onto forums. So if you or anyone you know is interested in it then let me know by telephoning 01four1three57one9eight6 and leaving me a message. I will get back to you asap.

I’m only gonna sell it in the UK, none of that shipping nonsense. I would prefer it if the buyer could sort out collection/delivery but I could sort it if needed.

I honestly have no idea what to ask for this. I got the frame and saddle for £50, the rim cost £30, the original cranks/hub are probably worth around £80?

So say £120 ish? I don’t know. Someone make me an offer and we’ll see.


Bent eh…


I am being honest with you all.

Plus, you yanks can’t have it even if you want it so how does it concern you?



Have you seent the NUTS thread?

13th October.

Be there or be, er, not there.

Too bad because thats a pretty good deal…The seat looks sketchy. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re only a wee bit bent.

I’ve seen people ride uni’s with cranks that are far more bent than mine with no problems.


would you take 100 posted to north east england?


would you accept a swap for a 24" qu ax 10 spline Muni.
im not sure if i want to part with it yet but please reply!!!

No thanks.


Is their no way to get this to the states?
I’d pay the extra shipping and what not.

Sorry, no.



hello i am interested in the unicycle…i live in ontario canada my email is one_tired_guy6996@hotmail.com

email me with some more info and the price

No thanks.

UK only I’m afraid.


dude. you are interested in all the unicycles that have come upf or sale.

Does anybody want to make me an offer before I put it on ebay?

Anything considered.

Same goes for my 24" uni. They’re both going.


so you dont ship to canada?

No. UK only.