Onza 24" Muni

A little of the frame and some of the seat post on this uni were cut shorter for a smaller rider.
I’ve measured from the lowest pedal to the saddle crotch with the seat post at its lowest and highest points. I get about 29.5" and 34" respectively.
Obviously you could get even more height with a longer post.

Here’s the stock description for this uni:
Frame: Lightweight CroMo Nimbus II style frame powdercoated.
Equipped with Magura brake bosses.
Hub: 20mm diameter 36-splined hub with a dual keyway. Bearings: 20 x 2mm Sealed bearings.
Cranks: 165mm super strong CroMo splined cranks, chromed.
Pedals: DDG Black DX style pedals with steel pegs.
Rim: Alex double-walled deep section rim.
Saddle: New Onza Kris Holm saddle.
Seatpost: 27.2 x 350mm, black, aluminium seatpost with brake lever mount. Tyre: Kenda Kinetics 24x2.6" downhill tyre
Spokes: 14G stainless steel spokes.
Seat Post Clamp: Black double bolted seat clamp with Onza logo.
Weight is an amazing 6.5kg (14.3 lbs)

$160 + shipping (PM me with zip code for shipping cost)

you’re selling it with the seatpost clamp on backwards, too?:stuck_out_tongue:
I would like to buy it, but my current financial situation and/or priorities forbid it.

Ha! Yeah. Good eye! I forgot about that. When the frame was cut by the previous owner, I think a new “slit” was made at the top. And I think it was on the front, not the back… which I think is opposite. And it had an older style clamp that has one stripped bolt. It seemed the best way to keep the post from slipping was to but the clamp on backwards.
But then I bought the newer style Onza clamp and I didn’t feel like experimenting to see it it would hold properly in the normal position. I just wanted to ride. So I just but it on backwards again. I bet it would hold fine facing forward, I just never tried.

I have that same frame (purchased used here on the boards as well… it was just a smidgen wide at the crown for my tastes, but it takes a KH-standard seat post size and maguras which are both nice features) and that’s just how the frame is cut. Either the slit is on the “wrong” side or the magura mounts are. My guess was always that the magura mounts are the part mounted non-standard, but on a unicycle it’s six of one, half dozen of another.

John M

So then the new cut is on the same side that Onza originally put it.
Which means the new clamp should be fine facing forward.

I will gladly reverse it and waive my usual $0.08 seat post clamp reversal charge for the buyer. :p:D