Online Unicycle Shops, Where:

I have lost a bit of money by buying things across the border. It is really annoying when you could have bought the same part somewhere in your own country. A list of shops where you can get parts would be nice.

In Canada
Bedford Unicycles, Ontario. Best to deal with him over the phone, as he doesn’t answer email question thoroughly.
Baia Bros, BC. They have the famous monty eagle claw tires for $50
HB Trials, based in Quebec. in Vancouver. He often has some slightly used maguras breaks for $100 or less.
Koxx1, contact to get your stuff after you pick it from the main site.

In the US
Scott Wallis, Amazing CF bumpers, bases, etc all in Carbon Fiber Drools Cheap source of tires and Bike trial-uni trials compatibility. He also sells some Koxx1 unicycles, and has the cheapest xtp unicycle on the market.

I’m sure I’ve missed something. Feel free to add in, maybe we’ll all learn something new.

Just simple online bike shops have a lot of things you need for unicycles.

is an obvious online shop for buying unicycles and parts

jim in the US.

Bedford answers emails pretty thougoughly i think. And with bedford you can update your order anytime before he ships it. The only thing is he doesnt sell: Much miyata, torker, koxx1, or gb4. This is becuase I think Miyata i think is kind of going out, gb4 doesnt make much anymore, torker is in the usa and isnt that great, and K1 is really hard to get. Id say if you live in the usa or canada and dont want to get a K1 then bedford is probably your best bet to get your order right and get whåt you want for a good price. Really cool one

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