Online Extreme Unicycling Game!

go to:

clikc on the ‘Extrmem Unicycling’ game and away you go!

amazing i’ve never seen a uni game before!

Re: Online Extreme Unicycling Game!

i scored 29952 on my first go!


i died right at the start where that evil black pacman face thing flying in the air got me in mid jump! :frowning:

i made 39000 first try




There are multiple levels, crazy!


I was hoping for a sort of MUni/trials game, not like a unicycle-Mario. Oh well.
I got 25000 or so on my first try!

39724 That’s on my first go. Cool Game anyway, :sunglasses: Thanks Treepotato. I’ll have another go later.


Thanks for posting about the game! I gave it a try and scored 109116! :slight_smile: But I died at the circus :frowning:


Well that guy can still stand for quite a long time. His hopping skills are also quite good.


How do you get by that ringmaster guy?


54858 - first go.

Now, how do you turn the damn music off? :slight_smile:

You guys haven’t heard of Uniracers?! It’s a game for the SNES (my friend has an original copy), where you race riderless Unicycles.

If you don’t own an SNES or you don’t want to go searching for the game, you can download an SNES emulator here:

or here:

and you can get a rom of the game Uniracers here:

That last link didn’t seem to work but I’ve tracked down another one. I’m currently downloading it.


29943 on the first go. Basically I never play games on a PC.

Someone asked about turning the music off. I turned the sound volume low with my ‘mixer’ controls.

Klaas Bil


FINALLY BEAT IT!!! 194,122!!