One wheel discrimination

Screaming bigotry highlighted in New Zealand’s largest daily newspaper

Took me a second, and a Google search, to get that one! Once I got it I lol’d though :smiley:

they wouldn’t let me take my uni on the bus the other day :frowning:

I just rode it downtown instead, if i waited for a different bus driver they probably would have let me bring it on the bus.

I was annoyed by this today, at least it wasn’t only unis :slight_smile:

Good to have parking at least :slight_smile:

No parking except Muni’s, I like that :sunglasses:

In my part of town, to ‘ride muni’ equates to most people, to take the bus:D

SF MUNI=San Francisco Municipal Transportation.

My buddies must think I take the bus alot all of the sudden:D