"one tired guy" on DVD

I got confirmation from Sean White today…“One Tired Guy” will be available on DVD in about a month!!!

thats cool but i hear that OTG is only 22 minutes in length,in which case i will not buy it if it is the standard $20 bucks that DVD’s always seem to go for.

i will pay $20 if it has Unizaba or somthing x-tra on it but 22 min alone are not worth any more than $9.99 in my opinion.

OTG does have Unizaba on it, but it’s still short.

or what-ever,you know what i mean.if its going on DVD please fill the space and dont just make it a straight port for more cabbage.

out takes are are always good.

And we’ve already got Unizaba as an extra on the “New World Disorder II: Fat Tire Fury” DVD.

I do hope that the DVD release of “One Tired Guy” has more on it than the VHS version. It is a rather short tape. But I’d get it on DVD anyways even if it didn’t have anything new from the VHS version. DVD is much more convenient and it lasts longer.

John’s a tool…:smiley:

After riding with him all day, I have to disagree. He’s not a tool, he’s a friggin’ machine. A climbing machine.

cool,did you pull a good draft of of him?

Tom pull a draft (draught) off the Guinness Mojo? Never on the trail, but maybe at the pub.

thread jacking at its finest folks!