One spoke broke

I just broke one of my spokes on my dx, and it just happens to be directly on my hopping position of my rim. I’m assuming with only 1 out of 48 spokes broke it’s still safe to ride and hop on…but I just wanna make sure. I’d rather not somehow taco my rim because of just 1 broken spoke.

Id go and spend the 2ish dollars it would cost to buy a good spoke and replace it.

You can still ride it as it is now, with one less spoke, but its gonna be weaker in that spot and effect the overall strength and trueness of the rim, so better be safe than sorry. =p

Yeah I would, but, unfortunately all of my lbses are closed now…I’d just like to continue riding for tonight until I can go get a new one tomorrow.

Hold off on anything too big. Keep it to small technical riding to keep it safe.

one spoke doesn’t matter at all, i was riding a wheel with like 6 broken spokes for a quite a while, the wheel wasn’t true but i could still ride it.

Re: One spoke broke

Check the tension of your wheel, and tighten it if necessary. Loose
spokes break because the flex at the hub flange.

Well, what happened was…I had a upd and the uni flew back behind me and hit this piece of metal and it instantly snapped a spoke. It bent another slightly, but I tightened it and the bend mostly went away.

Your wheel will probably not fail just because you’re riding it with a broken spoke, but it definitely increases the chances. I wouldn’t worry about it for a day or two, other than not riding quite as hard as usual.