One piece vs two piece pivotal seatposts

How much strength difference is there between the one piece forged pivotal posts (like KH and Nimbus) and a two piece design like this?

I’m using a Shadow base with a fairly long handle, so it will see a fair amount of torque. I can get the two-piece version locally at a good price, but if it’s going to loosen up or break over time then obviously it’s not worth it.

I wish I had one so I could tell you. I haven’t ever seen a 2 piece design, but most pivotal seatposts are pretty tough. I wouldn’t hesitate to use one if I got a good deal on it. If you’re going really long (i.e. aero bars) there are a couple of guides as to how to brace the bar on the frame lower down to triangulate things… cause triangles are awesome. : )

KH previously made a two piece, it was a weak design, and the post would come loose at the joint. He tried pinning it, but it still got loose over time.

KH makes a one piece for a reason, I’d get that one and save yourself a headache.

Ha, those two posts perfectly represent the two points of view I was debating with myself. After sleeping on it I think I’m leaning toward Ben’s view. Buy cheap, buy twice and all that.

Thanks guys.