One more custom coker pict

Here is one more custom coker pict…

Nice flowers looks good :smiley:

i don’t think i’d ride a pink coker around with flowers on it.
(but offer it to me and i might change my mind :slight_smile:

i want that coker

Hot pink :sunglasses: I like it.

Are you the guy with the super lightweight Coker that I think Nathan Hoover or Scot Cooper mentioned? I remember something about him riding up Mt Diablo…here’s the thread:

that is an awesome frame, i like it. though its not my colour.

yeah, whats the coker specs?


That’s a very nice coker you’ve got there, not the choice of color I would personally choose but I can apreciete the work you put in that thing. Like asked above: What kind of frame is that? It looks pretty heavy, do you know how much it weights?



That is a univega frame, formerly owned by Scot Cooper, now by Michele. The wheel is a hub, airfoil rim, Tom Miller spokes, Sem nipples, built by me (multiple times; we disassembled it to paint the rim). Note it is not a superwide; Michele is very light, so rather than respace the frame we decided to stay with the narrow hub. The seat that is on it was just for testing; the “final” seat is a custom one designed by Mark Hastings with a carbon base built by Calfee Design. I’m not sure of the final weight.

I’m the guy with the “super lightweight” coker that Scot used on Mt. Diablo, but it isn’t really super lightweight. Just a stock Coker frame with a wheel as above. Scot just liked the stock frame for that particular ride because it was lighter than what he had at the time.

We’ve been taking advantage of the latest batch of airfoil rims needing to be powder-coasted (to hide the reweld-job) by re-powder-coating them in various colors (those with brakes need not apply). For a more manly look, I’ve done a simple bright yellow and an olive green (frame and rim painted to match). I plan on doing mine as a bright-red combo.

What I’d really like to do is to convince someone to make a carbon-fiber rim for the cokers, but it would be hard to amortise the setup costs.

That is cool. I like it.
What kinda handle is it. It almost looks like the scott wallis one.

Sounds like you run similar specs to me :slight_smile:

Oooh…if you do that put me on the list for one! That sounds like just the thing for my Diet Coker.


I think a CF reeinforced frame would be better.

Been done. Calfee Design built one for Scot Cooper. It isn’t CF ‘reinforced’,
but 99% carbon (Hunter made the steel bearing holders which are epoxied
into the frame members during construction).

Good looking Coker.
And good job on parking it against the step like that.

I might a CF frame reeinforced by something like aluminum. that would be soo light. I wonder how strong it would be though?