One month video

check out my new one month of riding video Here!!! tell me what you think!

Nice rolling mount there at the end. The wheel didn’t stop moving when your feet got on the pedals.

You’ve only been riding for a month? Man, that’s impressive. Signing off now to get back to the woodshed and practice…

Just 8 more days and I’ll download it… just 8 more days.

ya george i love how you post your video like wild when we

wern’t even done with it yet. GOOD JOB. --Bryan aka Bobby–

are you trying to make me look bad or something or are you just stupid. we are making seperate videos, i didnt know it wasnt clear to you

ya but i thought you were going to put more stuff into it but whatever since its your video go ahead its not my place to tell you what you should do or not do


FWIW… I have enjoyed the vids. Looking forward to the next one.

That’s sick George. One stinken month!

Can you idle?
Suicide Mount?