One French... At Innsbruck now!!!


I’m French and I come to Innsbruck in Austria today for one week (wednesday 21 to wednesday 28)…
I want to ride a little when I have time… Another want it?
Is there good places for ride at Innsbruck?

Sorry for my bad English… And sorry if this post is not on the right place…

Thanks in advance for your response!!! :wink:

Your post is at the right place. Check this page: to find some unicyclist near the town you’ll travel to. You only need to know, where in Austria Insbruck is. Maybe you will find some but notice that it might be possible that not all registered unicyclists are still riding.

Sadly there are nearly no unicyclists in innsbruck. But David Weichenberger should be up for a ride, just find out his email at