one footed to glide

Just wondering : wheel walking & one footed ww seem to be the standard way
to learn gliding. Did anybody have success trying to glide just knowing
how to ride one footed ? I mean going from one footed to a gliding stance,
crashing most of the time and trying again and again ?

Seems an hard way to learn


opaugamATaptilonDOTcom !

I learned to glide starting with riding one footed. It helped a lot to be able to wheel walk one footed though. You need to be good at putting light pressure on the tire.

Starting with one foot is a good way to do it because you can get some speed going. I always feel more stable if I’m going at a fairly good speed.

The trick is to put yourself in the same position you’d walk the wheel in. Leaning back further than when you ride one footed.

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