one-footed riding

I made a breakthrough with one-footed riding! I have been practicing this for
about 1.5 hours over the space of three days since I had a dream about doing it.
Last night I managed to do 5 revolutions several times and 7 revolutions twice.
On my 24" uni, 7 revs is almost 44 feet, well over 10 meters.

It’s been some time since I had that wonderful feeling of learning a new skill,
suddenly being able to do something I couldn’t do before. Is this what pushes
people to learn the seemingly impossible tricks I have read about here and in On
One Wheel?

I found out that it is easier to place the arch of my foot against the side of
the uni fork just above the wheel instead of trying to hang it from the fork
crown. It feels like more leverage is available there, and I think I use that to
help throw the wheel from front to back as I pedal.

I can’t wait until this evening to practice some more.

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