One Footed Riding...AHHH!!!!

Just keep at it. It took me a looong time to learn, like 7 months or something ridiculous like that. Loosening up your upper body and hips seems to really help, especially when the riding surface is not smooth.

7 months!!! yikes, well is there another trick I should try to do as well with my crappy torker CX?

it probably took him longer cuz hes an older rider. i learned it in 5 days.

this is one of those tricks best learned by the “cowboy method”:

just lift yer foot up and try to stay on as long as possible. eventually you will learn it.

Well, most people learn it faster than that. I’m just a klutz, although there were some benefits to the approach I took.

One-foot idling is a good alternate/supplementary skill. It helps the riding foot to become more confident in controlling the uni on its own, so the skill gained moves nicely into one-foot riding too.

In fact, some people learn one-footed by riding forward directly from one-foot idling.

just try riding as smoothly as possible, and then stick out one leg. don’t bother putting it on the frame yet. keep doing that, and when you get more than 5 revs, try putting the foot on the frame.

Try lifting your foot off the pedal when it is in the 12 o clock positsion. just sort of keep your foot there, where the pedal would be if it was in the 12 o clock position, for one rev, and then put it back on. once you get that, try putting your foot on the frame.

yea i learned it in 5 days or so without working hard at it but push harderwhen going down and go slow when coming up with the crank… dont give up at it

I just learned yesterday and what worked for me was that i would start with my left(non dominant) leg on the crown, and also holding the wheel still with the left foot. The right pedal should be at at about somewhere between ten and eleven o clock. then I would lean against a truck and put my right foot on the right pedal and the lean forward take my left foot off the wheel and push down with my right and go as far as i could. remember to push down reasonably hard and lift your right foot up when the pedal comes around. Heres a vid

hope it helps

Not to be self promoting, but go to my tutorial

I learned it monkeymans way in a day. it helps a lot.

the way i learned was to kind of learn how to idle with one foot whilst clutching onto a door frame, then i just continuedto ride around and kept that goal in the back of my mind; to ride one footed, i’d sit there and idle like that every so often, and eventually got pretty comfortable, then one afternoon, i decided i really wanted to get this, so i held onto the corner of my car, and kept going until i got one whole revolution, then i just got better and better, now i can ride one footed as far as i want. if youre really frustrated, just give it a rest for a few days, then give it a fresh start and it will probably be easier

it took me about an hour or 2 to learn, its pretty easy after a while. I would get like 2 peddals in and fall over and over again but get right back up and before you know it youll have it. i realized that its all a flowing fluid motion. when i would try to peddal too hard i would fal. the first few peddals are the hardest

Here’s how I learnt it:

I was ok at one-foot idling before and with an arm to the wall, I one-foot idled til my dominant foot was almost parallel to the ground. Then I pushed it down hard but because I was unused to the momentum, I’d usually lean backwards further than necessary. With the wall, you can push yourself off. If you’re inclined to fall forward, try pushing the foot on the frame backwards. It forces you to keep your body straight.

Hope that helps.

Do you need to put foot on crown? my brother does it with his foot waving around.:slight_smile:

1 foot

when i started riding one foot i tride doing it with my foot on the crown and i would always fall over but one day i was normal riding and i lost balance and took of my left foot and kept riding one foot with my foot waving around my side

just go for it and try to go kindof fast!

I find it easier to be going kind of fast to do this. Not so fast that your out of control but when learning it will make it so that the first few pedals you wont have to push as hard and it feels alot more stable. Also when you start put your foot out to the side but keep hold of the seat it will give you more balance until you can figure out how to put your foot on the frame. The 24 is not necaserly harder to learn on it is kindof easier until you have to get your foot on the frame and then you really have to scrunch it up there to put it on the frame because it is 2 inches higher then the 20".

I learnt to 1ftride in 3 days. i started off by riding both feet on but using more pressure on one foot to get more of an idea of what it would be like without the other foot there. then when i got more confident i took my foot off and tried it like that, one thing i did learn was that you really need to balance your weight above the uni otherwise you will fall easily.

and dont push yourself, go for one rev then try put your foot back on, then 2 etc

I learned in a few days. I think this is the easiest way to do it.

  1. Learn to idle one-footed, it’s really not to hard.

  2. Get really good at it, and then go for it. You need to get some speed and keep most of your weight on the seat. I also had a CX (24’’) but I learned to put my left foot up on the crown otherwise the seatpost clamp gets in the way.:slight_smile:

Here’s my one-footing tutorial

u just have to get usted to pooshing doun with 1 foot and letting the pettle role back up and poosh doun agin :slight_smile: